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Industrial Heat Exchanger Mfg
* Fin & Tube
* Tubes & Coils
Radiator Manufacturing and Repair
* Automotive & Heavy Duty Industrial
* Copper / Brass & Aluminum
* Fluxes & Cleaners
Wire and Strip Tinning
* Copper, Brass, Steel
Plumbing Fixtures & Related Component Manufacturing
* Brass, Copper, Stainless, Aluminum
* Industrial, Commercial, Residential
Solder Joint Failure Analysis &
Problem Solving
* Determine Why Joints Fail
* Provide Solutions
Fundamentals of Industrial Soldering
*Training Program
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Aluminum Soldering
* Wire, Heat Sinks
* Roofing - Galvalume(R)
Custom Lead Castings
and Extrusions
* Anodes, Bricks, Blocks
* Pipe, Weights, Lead Burning
* CNC Machining, and more
Lift Truck Battery Components
* Intercell Connectors, Single/Multiple Post
* Standard and Cone Style
* 2/0 P&N Plated Thimbles (fits 3/0 Cable)
Announcing Orange-Eco®
About Us
Contact Us
Soldering can be explained as the metallurgical bonding/joining of metal components. Soft Solder Alloys are a mixture of metals that melt at temperatures lower than the metals being joined.
The American Welding Society is somewhat more technical, and defines soldering as... “a group of welding processes which produces coalescence of materials by heating them to a suitable temperature and by using a filler metal having a liquidus not exceeding 450°C (840°F) and below the solidus of the base materials. The filler metal is distributed between the closely fitted surfaces of the joint by capillary action”.
While this 'technical' description is certainly correct, our decades of experience with solders and fluxes - general soft soldering metal joining processes - provides for straightforward 'on the floor' guidance and assistance to our valued customers and prospects, with the appropriate products and soldering process recommendations.
The above industries we serve provide a general overview of our products and services.
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HASL Extruded Bar Solder - PCB Anodes
* Sn100, Sn995 and other Lead-free Solders, Sn63 Pb37
* Certificate of Analysis, Solder Pot Analysis Program
* Spent Solder Reclamation
Soldering Flux
Industrial, Electrical, Electronic, PCB
* Announcing Orange-Eco Soldering Paste Flux
* Rosin, Organic Acid, No-Clean
* Water Soluble, Halide-Free, VOC-Free
> Solder & Flux for Metal Joining Processes
> Solder Pot Analysis Program
> Solder Joint Problem Solving & Failure Analysis
> Custom Lead Castings & Extrusions & Machining
> Atomized Metal Powder Alloys > and more
Orange-Eco Paste Flux
Solder . Anodes . Specialty Lead
Metal Powders & Flux
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* Brazing
* Soldering
* Thermal Spray    
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